CVBASE '06 Paper submision and author instructions


Final (camera ready) paper submission instructions

Paper submission is closed.

Oral presentation instructions

30 minutes are allocated for each speaker, of which maximum of 20 minutes should be used for presentation, and the remainder for the discussion.

ECCV and workshop organizers will provide standard presentation equipment (LCD/data projector and overhead projector). Resolution of LCD projector will most likely not exceed 1024x768 pixels, so please be prepared to adjust the resolution on your notebook computers to fit the equipment. If your presentation includes videos, check if they play properly on the secondary (VGA) output (where the projector will be connected).

If you need the notebook computer for your presentation as well, please email janez.pers@fe.uni-lj.si, so the technical details could be arranged in time.

Poster instructions

The size of each poster board will be 147 x 147 cm. Your poster size should be within those limits. Please, design posters in a way that they would provide interesting information to the visitors - verbatim copies of your article pages, glued together are not a good example of this. Use properly sized (large) fonts and rely on graphical information.

You will be able to place your poster in the exhibition area from approx. 8.00 in the morning, so the poster will stay there for the duration of the workshop.

During the poster session (see the workshop program), you would probably like to be available near your poster for potential discussion with the visitors.

If you have any other problems or questions, please email janez.pers@fe.uni-lj.si














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