Multimodal Non-Rigid Registration


Medical image registration is a process in which two existing image representations of anatomy (e.g. MRI, CT, x-ray) or its function (e.g. PET, SPECT, fMRI) are put into correspondence. Registration approaches differ according to expected and modeled deformations and can be divided into rigid and nonrigid registrations. We are interested in nonrigid registration, which can detect and correct discrepancies of small spatial extent, by deforming one of the images (source) to match the other (reference). Spatial deformation model can be based on different physical properties like elasticity or viscosity, or their generalizations and simplifications. Deformation is driven by external forces, which tend to minimize image differences, measured by image similarity measures.
When images are acquired by different imaging procedures, we are talking about multimodal image registration. The problem of multimodal registration is in complex relation between intensities of both images, which is furthermore usually not known in advance. Measuring of image similarity is in that case based on statistics. The problem is even more difficult if images are supposed to be registered nonrigidly. To detect and correct small local image differences, external forces must be estimated from similarities of small image regions, but statistical significance of such small image regions is low and similarities are not sufficiently reliable and accurate.
We have focused on multimodal elastic matching to solve the problems mentioned earlier. We have introduced a new approach for measuring multimodal similarities of small image regions "point similarity measures". We have also built a system for multimodal nonrigid registration that is based on these measures. It uses a spatial model that is inspired by linear elasticity. Furthermore it uses multiresolution approach that improves registration speed and accuracy.


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