Computer Vision Winter Workshop 2008

Moravske Toplice, Slovenija

February 4-6, 2008



Final paper submission (new!)

For final paper submission, please take the following steps:

  • If you did not already, login to the online submission system at http://mvg.fe.uni-lj.si/commence and obtain the reviews for your paper. To do this, click on the cell under "Status", which is located to the right of the title of your paper.
  • Read the reviews carefully and consider the reviewers' comments when preparing final version of your paper.
  • Before submitting the final version, make sure that you switch the mode of the LaTeX template to the final submission format as follows.
  • First, look for the section in the beginning of your .tex file, that has the following two lines:

    \usepackage[submission]{cmpproc} %% uncomment this for first submission
    %\usepackage{cmpproc} %% uncomment this for camera ready paper

  • Then, comment the first one, and uncomment the other.
  • Add the following third line: \procnumberingfalse . This will omit the page numbers - they will be added by us.
  • The whole chunk of code should now look like this:

    %\usepackage[submission]{cmpproc} %% uncomment this for first submission
    \usepackage{cmpproc} %% uncomment this for camera ready paper

  • Make the PDF file as usual. Check the paper for any missing or broken references (e.g. [?]'s).
  • Your PDF file should look something like this example. The example .tex file that produced this output is available here.
  • Some versions of MikTex have problems with margins. Check that the margins are roughly the same as in the example.
  • If you use any other tool than LaTeX to prepare the PDF file, use the example above as your reference, how the final paper should look like.
  • The page limit is still strictly 8 pages.
  • Check that the paper prints well and that all information you wish to present to the reader is clearly readable (graphs, equations, images).
  • To submit your revised paper, log in at http://mvg.fe.uni-lj.si/commence/ and click on the cell under "Edit Paper", which is located to the right of the title of your paper. A new page will open, where you can correct author's details and abstract. The revised paper can be submitted there by selecting the "Browse" button under "File:".


Initial paper submission (already passed)

Paper format

We solicit original papers from the field of computer vision. All papers will be subject to double-blind review..

All submissions should follow the guidelines, laid out in the sample.pdf file exactly. Please take the following points into consideration:

  • Paper language is English - no exceptions.
  • Paper format is A4, two column. For details, see the sample.pdf file.
  • Page limit is strictly 8 pages.
  • Electronic submission only.
  • We accept PDF files only. No word (.doc), no LaTeX source (.tex) files.
  • For initial submission, take care to supress author names and affiliation. If you use the LaTeX package, supplied below, there is option in the sample.tex file, which takes care of this. Use it.
  • For initial submission, line numbers will appear alongside edges of the columns (as shown in the sample.pdf file). This will help reviewers to accurately pinpoint the relevant portions of the text.
  • We provide package with LaTeX style files and corresponding example files for your convenience. You may use any editor you like, but it is your responsibility that the resulting PDF file fully conforms to the above instructions.

Download the LaTeX package: cvwwkit2008.zip

Paper submission

Some technical notes:

  • Maximum PDF size is limited to 16 MB.
  • We strongly recommend that you keep your file size under 2 MB.
  • The main factor in PDF size (for a computer vision workshop ...) are usually large and detailed bitmap images - 150 - 300 dpi setting in PDF software is usually enough for a decent printout.
  • If the file is still extremely large, you should reduc JPEG compression quality in the program you use to make PDF files.
  • While download is fast, uploads to the server are somewhat slow. We are working on the problem and ask for your patience. Expect a minute or two of waiting time for upload to complete after you click "submit" on the paper submission page.
  • You are encouraged to register for paper submission as soon as possible - submission registration is possible without immediate paper submission.
  • Please report all problems or errors to janez.pers@fe.uni-lj.si and andreja.jarc@fe.uni-lj.si as soon as possible.

Register and upload your papers at : http://mvg.fe.uni-lj.si/commence














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